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National Erasmus+ Office Participated in the Regional TAM National Qualifications Frameworks based on EU Experience

National Erasmus+ Country Representative Dr. Nedal Jayousi, led a delegation of 3 Palestinian HEREs with the presence of 4 Palestinian Experts that participated in the Regional Technical Assistance Mission (TAM) entitled “National Qualifications Frameworks based on EU Experience” held at the University of Jordan on the 23-24 May 2017, within the activities funded by the SPHERE, the implementing body of the Higher Education Reform Expert Team funded by Erasmus+. The workshop was attended by About 50 participants, representing policy makers and representatives of HEIs and key organizations, from Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia and led by two EU Experts Prof. Kevin Guillaume and Prof. Bryan Maguire

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this TAM, Participants had:

· Increased their awareness about the importance of setting up qualification frameworks. This will help them disseminate the new knowledge to their own contexts.

·  Helped in the national reform development

·  Learnt from the experts who presented the experience of establishing and implementing EQF

·  Learnt more about the concrete impact of EQF

·  Learnt more about the systematic approach to learning and qualifications

· Shared their countries’ up-to- date experiences with NQF

· Discussed the importance and impact of establishing and implementing a Regional Qualification Framework

· participated effectively with the experts in setting out a roadmap or a clear approach for the next steps in the process of establishing official Regional Qualification Framework.


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