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Summary of TEMPUS Project

All the project activities have focused on the inclusion of society and societal needs and had a multiplier effect. The students, alumni and teachers of the partner universities have developed skills and enhanced their knowledge and expertise on environmental issues through the trainings, events, conferences and publications they accessed during the lifetime of the project. In addition, the project activities established a strong link between students, alumni and academics and the international and local organizations and governmental bodies. 

This link would ensure future cooperation between these partners on environmental issues. In addition, the strategic reform plan of environmental education provides insights for the non-academic field as well as the academic field to ensure sustainable practices and the potential of new fields of employability. The plan also identifies an 8-year plan of action to achieve the outcomes needed to ensure a serious reform in the higher environmental education curriculum and has incorporated all relevant stakeholders. The plan focuses as well on the need for collaboration and sharing and exchanging of knowledge and expertise to produce the best results and ensure the continuity of the reform endeavour. Additionally, the use of social media tools (such as facebook and the university websites) and the establishment of the environmental club has established a strong base for many project initiatives within universities and with local and international partners. 

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Ongoing Tempus Projects 

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1. CODE: http://www.tempus-code.net/main/en

2. Serious Games Pathway within the Undergraduate IT Programs - See more at: http://www.sage.ps/

3. IP:  http://www.ip-med.net/

4. Tuning Middle East and North Africa: http://www.ties-project.eu/ 

5. RecoNow: https://www.ucc.ie/en/qpu/international-projects/tempusivprojects/reconow/

6. Joint MSc in Electrical Engineering:

7. Integrating a Holistic Approach to Student Services  for  Increased Student Wellbeing: www.medawel.eu

8. Capacity Development of Faculties of Education in International approaches to teacher Education :

9. Middle Eastern Partnership in Sustainable Engineering. http://me-eng.eu/

Tempus IV (2007-2013)

1. Achieving Sustainable Programmes in Regeneration and Entrepreneurship: Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine:  http://aspire.psut.edu.jo 

2. Lifelong Learning in Palestine: http://www.lllp.ps/en/ 

3. e-Government Lifelong Learning Consortium:  http://www.egovacademy.ps/

4. Promoting the modernization and strengthening of institutional and financial autonomy in Southern Neighbouring Area higher education institutions (UNAM): http://www.unam-network.net/

5. Middle Eastern Partnership in Sustainable Engineering: http://me-eng.eu/ 

6. Strengthening University-Enterprise linkages in Palestine:  http://www.step-tempus.net/ 

7. Strengthening  Institutional Capacity in Arab countries"ALTAIR": http://www.altair-project.org/ 

8. Central Offices Responsible for the Integration at Home of Internationalisation as Assurance of quality in the Meda region: http:// corinthiam.alquds.edu

Selected projects involving Palestinian universities

Life Long Learning in Palestine (PDF)

Achieving Sustainable in Regeneration and Entreprenuership (PDF)

Al Quds University Faculty of Business and Economics  (PDF 1)  (PDF 2)

Middle Eastern Partnership in Sustainable Engineering (PDF)

The Palestinian e-Government Academy (PDF)

Promoting the modernization and strengthening of institutional and financial autonomy in Southern Neighbouring Area HEIs  (PDF 1)  (PDF 2)

"Strengthening the institutional capacity of Arab Universities in support of policy, management and planning at national and regional levels" (PDF)

Funded projects under the second call for proposal
Project summaries, Click here to get projects summaries (PDF File) 

Funded projects under the first call for proposal

Strengthening Institutional Capacity in Arab countries.

Nouveaux cursus en Management des activités de Services et de la Technologie, Amélioration des processus qualité des enseignements et développement des services aux étudiants.

Project summaries, Click here to get projects summaries (PDF File) 



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